Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Temple Square/Gateway

9.12.08: So I made a random trip down to Salt Lake to meet up with Terry and his Friends.. Terry got stuck in traffic on the way to my house.. (go figure its Davis County) anywho.. we left and drove back to Salt Lake. We got there before his friends, so we decided to walk up to temple square. We had a nice walk and talk up there. When we got there we just walked around the temple plaza. We went up to the temple and took pictures. I was just nice to be the two of us and enjoying the company. Soon after his friend Jason and Audriana meet up with us for dinner. We walked back down to the Gateway to Applebees for some tasty food.. and then drove up to Jasons house in Centerville to watch a movie.. Enchanted.. woot woot.. ha ha. I was a nice and fun date.. Simple but wonderful!

Truck Demoltion Derby

9.6.08: What is better then the Logan Truck Demotlion Derby with Family, Friends, and Terry?!? Demoltion Derby's are so much fun and very entertaining. Not only does everyone sit around and wathc truck after truck plow into each other, but the enviroment is so full of adventure.. Watching people get SO lively with the sound of a car crashing into the other. Jenni, Josh, Terry, Jake, Bri, and I all decided that it would be a great activity for the evening. So we went to Costa Vida for dinner and head to the derby stadium. The Derby started and we just scream and cheered for the Truck that we picked. There was a lot of chaos and mud flying. About the Third heat, Terry was like... "I wanna see someone flip someone!" Just about a few second after that right in front of us, one truck T-boned the other truck and completely FLIPPED the yellow truck on its side.. Cheers and scream from the crowd filled the stadium.. and then we all realized that the yellow truck at catch on fire because of the flip.. it was pretty intense! We all had a great time.. after the derby we went back to the Rigby's for rootbeer floats and piano playing. It was a good fun and definately memorable time! Thanks guys--

You would think I learned!!

You would think that I would have learned by now that playing catch up isn't as fun. I need to stay on top of things and then everyone does get like 13 posts at one time. The month of September is here and I haven't even posted ANYTHING for a month. It has definately been one of those months that I should have blogged about but with so much stuff going on it gets a little tough--- and it doesn't help that my lovely computer had a fit this month and decided to go out of commission for a week or two.

The month of September has been one quite to remember. Little Lara got married this month.. computer broke down, my car window is random and stopped working..on the down side of life-- I have seen Terry every weekend this month.. if not mulitply times in one week. Work has been crazy insane, I worked over 97 hour on my last pay period... and I finally hired 2 new girls. There has been so much inbetween and I don't like I can post every picture that I took but I do know for sure that it was a good month.. A lot of learning, patience, emotion and Love-- :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Triple Date Night

Lara and Joey:

Jenna and Mark:

Terry and Janeal:
Three Crazy Girls... Three Handsome Men.. and an evening of laughter and fun.. This was a first for us sister. To all beable to go on a date together. We started at Chili's.. went to Cherry Hill to Mini Golf. and ended a wingers where Terry and I(technically Terry) Had to buy Desserts for everyone! We had alot of fun!!!

Rigby Family Reunion!!!

August 16th 2008--- Rigby Family Reunion and a fun one at that. Delicious food, incredible company, water fights, pictures, football, games... and best of all Family!!!! Here are a few pictures to document the day"

Lara's Bachelorette Pary!!!!

Lara Harris is Getting Married! and we needed to celebrate right.. Lanae, Jenna, Mom, and I all got together and planned a "friend/family" shower for her.. August 15th.. We had a great time watching her open presents, answering question, and to grandma's request, trying on Lingure.... ha ha! We had a really good turn out and some great food thank to mom mixing abilities! :) We are all excited and happy for Lara.. we wish the best of luck and a big congratulations!!! Thank you for all of you that were able to come and help celebrate Lara!!! :)

Steph and Eric In UTAH!!!!

The First of this month my Favorite Cousin and her Hubby came out to Utah to visit/family reunion/ play/ golf/ get a way from Florida for a while.. I was supposed to get the whole week off of work, but work issues for a long story short wouldn't allow me to, but we did get to spend time together and had a great time.

The First night in town we went to the Demolition Derby in Coalville, Ut. This was a first experience for Stephy. We had a great time just laughing and getting dust thrown in our direction.
We enjoyed shopping and a very nice SPA day!! 80 min massage baby!

On Tuesday Night, We (Bryan, Hollee, Eric, Steph and I) All drove up to Park City to go to the Alpine Slide to only of course have it be closed because of the rainy weather. We ended up going to the outlet malls.. spending a little cash... and going into town and going to dinner at a very interesting restaurant.. the Moose Bar! Ha ha.. Let just say that we really enjoyed the Moose Fries!!! ha ha..
I had to drive back to work on Wednesday and Thursday.. Drove down to American Fork on Thursday Night for Terry who was in the hospital with and extreme case of MONO.. and the back to Kaysville on Friday to spend the day with Steph and Eric again. On Friday Night we all decided that we would DUTCH OVEN for dinner!! It was AMAZING! BBQ chicken, Potato, Cheesey Potatoes, and Peach Cobbler.. with homemade Ice Cream on the side! Yummy yummy... After dinner we decided that a fun game of Ultimate Spoon was long over due.. So we put the spoons of the tramp and the cards on the other side of the yard! WE all had a great time! Wish we could do it more often.
It was such a fun and enjoyable time to have Steph and Eric back out here.. We keep giving them a hard time and telling them to make it permanent!!! We will see what we can to! I love them both so much.. i am greatful for the opportunity to get to know Eric better and to continue to love Stephy! Hope we get to see eachother soon!!!! :)