Friday, February 18, 2011



Green Bay Packer vs. Pittsburg Steelers

We had a really fun Superbowl Party! We had about 13 people here. Balloon, food, football game, and everything! We had bets on the game. Everyone had to put in a dollar to make the bet to the closes score! Of course Mama Ruth won the 13 dollar bet. It was a really fun day. After the game we played LCR and I won the pot of money in the middle of the table. ha ha $24 dollars richer! :) yay me! We went on and played ping pong and xbox kinect. It was a long and fun day! yay for superbowls.. and funny commericals!

Jazz Game


This was our first Jazz Game for the season... and maybe our last! ha ha it was a fun game with our friends Bo and Brooke and Jessica and Jake! It was a good game... and very close until the Jazz lost at the buzzer by ONE point.. oh well. Its nice to get out and be with people! LETS GO JAZZ!!!!!