Monday, September 27, 2010

Half Marathon??


We are just days away from going to Florida to participate in the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon run! AHHH.. we have been preparing for this day since Feb. Plans have changed a little, it was supposed to be all Terry's Family, but financial reasons have lead to not much of a family vacation anymore. Terry, Me, Kasi, and Konny are all going out for the weekend to enjoy!
On Saturday night we are going to be running 13.1 miles (well ... Terry and Konny will be running the FULL thing) Kasi and I are on a rely team. I will be running 5.1 and she will be running the finale 8 miles! I am so excited to get away for the week and plan and be in the sun and enjoy a break before all the craziness begins!
I will for sure blog about our race and our
News Update: TERRY and I are MOVING!! :( yes... when we get back from Florida we are sadly going to pack up our house and will be moving up to Draper with Terry's mom. We will still be going to church here in Orem and I will still be working at Aspen Salon. We decided this is what we needed to do in our lives at this time to find our new directions in life. I hope that this is a good decision that we have made, but we have FAITH and TRUST and we are ready for the new road that lays ahead! Wish us LUCK!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you.....


"Where were you the day the world stopped turning,

on that September day"

I can hardly believe that 9 years ago the world suffered such a tragic loss! Its been such an emotional day of UPs and DOWNs.. to have the memory and to hear the reminder of those stories that day.

I remember I was in 10th grade. I was sitting with some friends in my human biology class. My teacher was listening to the radio and there was a lot of chaos of unknown situation happening in New York. Just about the time the 2nd tower was hit, the principle come over the intercom to annouce that we were under attack and those students that needed to go home could. It was so still... so silent...

The day continued, the next class was American History, how ironic. My teacher was trying everything he could do to get a tv so we could watch the real history of America unfolding. He was giving permission he could take us accross the street to a teachers home. We all crowded into this living room very unprepared for what we were about to see. The two towers were burning.. smoke, flames, people, dust, fire, chaos..... and then it happened, the towers fell.. live on tv.. I remember the gasps!

What was happening? Who was doing this to us... America? Why?

It has been a day of remebrance, a day of hope, a day of reflection...

"Where were you when the world stopped turning,

on that September day?"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer 2010

It has been a blast and loved every min of the days, weeks, and months. There are so many memories and times that will never be forgotten. Thank you Friends, Family, and Terry for a wonderful summer.. now with the cooler weather moving into town.. its going to be an amazing FALL....
Loving Us some SUMMER
Lisa.Katie.Janeal Bowling Fun
Terry.Garrett our New Newphew
Nate.Lanae.Ruth.and new baby Garrett
Gene.Braden.Brin.Me enjoying a pic
Pax and Andrea's Wedding Day
I Love this BOY!!
Cute Couple @ Pax and Drea's Reception
The Flat Tire Razor
Terry. Janeal
Birthday Celebration @ Zermatt
Thing 1. Thing 2. Thing 3
Lunch Time during the Hike
The Mud Fight Group
Katie. Me Girls Camp 2010 MUD FIGHT
Biffy Time, Biffy Time... everybody Biffy Time
Smart People
Terry doing Work
Enjoying the boat and sun in Lake Powell
Boys will be boys(jumping off a 60' foot cliff)
The Last Night in Lake Powell :(
5th of July Parade in Provo
New Nephew David John Minter
Paul. Mike. Terry water fight of all water fights
4th of July Parade in Idaho Falls
Old Faithful
PlayMill Theater in West Yellowstone
Ryan. Terry IN earthquake Lake.. ha ha
@ Henery's Lake in West Yellowstone
Camping in Yellowstone
Jenna. Janeal Camping in Yellowstone
Family @ Jenna's High School Graduation
Shirley Temples @ Belligo Lounge
Me. Katie in Vegas ready to Hit the Strip
Me. Katie @ YW Retreat
Family @ Lara and Joey's Graduation
My Beehives and Lisa at Timp Temple
Ryan's Graduation
The Lion King
Las Vegas for 1st Anniversary

Temple Square April Conference

Come What May... and Love It!


I am sorry for my LONG absents from blogging. But hopefully I am back for good this time (ha ha)- I found that I am going to have a little more time on my hand in the evenings. Terry just got a job up at Zermatt Resort and Spa. He works the evening from 5 to 11. We cross paths and I don't even see him til later in the evening. Besides, I haven't blogged for a long while and I have SUCH and entertaining life (he he) I might as well share it with everyone!