Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Closing Ceremony

2.28.20: Olympic Closing Ceremonies (Our Verson)
During the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics 2010-- my family (the ones that were there at the time) decided to put on our own little olympics.. and here are some funny picture of some of the events performed.. First off we had the javelivn contest by throwing straws across the floor and see who could throw it the farthest. Then the shot put with cotton balls. One of my favorite was the bubble gum blowing contest with mom as the judge.. keep practicing dad! :) We had fun seeing who could unroll a roll of toliet paper the fastest-- Terry won!
(Battle Biggest Bubble)
(Look at Jake's Concentration)
(I think he's going for it)
(He went for it.. and it landed on the floor)
We thought that we would be creative and give everyone three marshmellows (required) and then everyone had 3 mins to run around the house and find the things they needed to build a snowman. Besides the fact that Jake got locked in the garage.. dad put marshmellow and gum to use.. I think that Jenna even peed her pants.. it was a hiliarious laugh.
(Jake's Snowman)
(Janeal's Snowman)
(Terry's Snowman)
(Dad's ....Snowman??) :)
Not to mention who could melt a ice cube the fastest-- either in their shirt were soaked or their hands were freezing! All I know was I couldn't stop laughing! We had a very entertaining and rememberable night! My mom even went to the extra effort and made medal for each individual that recieved a metal. (even though the bronze was made out of a toliet paper roll) ha ha.. we played the theme music of the olympic fanfare and announced the winner of gold, silver, and bronze...
Bronze.... JENNA
Silver..... TERRY
GOLD.... JAKE!!!
(special awards go to papa... keep working on those bubbles!!! )
Thanks for a perfect and wonderful and fun evening! Can't wait for the Summer Olympics 2014!!
(The Olympic Medals)

( the beautiful announcer)
( She supports Switzerland)
(Jenna with the BRONZE)

(Terry with the GOLD)
Look at that proud boy!)

(Jake with the GOLD)
(Your Olympic Medalists)

(Making sure they are real gold silver and bronze.. Sorry Jenna)

Loving Me Some Winter

3.16.10: As you have recently noticed.. I have not been very good at blogging lately. So I realize there are a BUNCH of pictures that no one has seen either.. Here you go! "a whole bunch of pictures!" and a hope that my blogging skills with improve: