Monday, February 4, 2008

Eric & Stephanie Wedding

November 23, 2007

Orlando, Florida Temple

Hyatt Hotel Jacksonville, Florida

Amazing, Beautiful, Fun, Happy, Exciting, Dancing, Smiles, Cheers, Cake, Singing, Delicious Food, Stunning, Blast, Joyful, Dream Come true kind of a day--
Congratulation Stephanie and Eric!!!!

Time To Play Catch UP!

I have to be honest and say that I haven't been on my blog for quite some time now. Okay.. all the way back in October-- Well.. truth be told ALOT has happened since then. Lifes have changes, hearts have been broken, and memories have been made- I don't think that I am going to get the opportunity to catch up on everything, but I can try.... I am going to try to keep it updated and things too!!!! We'll see.. For now-- Supercuts has finally opened and I am enjoying spending my time at work-- okay bored out of my mind enjoyment. We have been very pretty slow. but it is very night to have a paying job again!!!
My Roommate Erica is getting married.. interesting. That happened fast-- and my heart got royally broken in November by the one and only Cody-- I flew to Florida for Stephanie and Eric's wedding with my family.. that was fun-- Ummmmm...... I'm luckily still breathing and just making it day by day!!!