Saturday, September 29, 2007

America's Next Top Model

So... You wanna be on Top! Okay.. so, what do you do on a Friday night.... its getting late and you are waiting for your friends to come over.. you have roommates, a camera, and a whole lot of energy!!! You just happen to turn into "models."

Mary, Erica, Sara, and I got a little.. okay alot bored. We started by dancing the night away to our techno music. and a sweet little dance we learned. After that we busted out the digital camera, we started think of all these crazy ways to pose for the camera. ENTERTAINMENT!!! I'll post a few fun pictures and you will understand that it is more then just words.. the pictures just say it all!!! :)

~How it make a REAL pizza~

Pizza: Dough, Sauce, Cheese, Pepporoni, Olives, Jalapenos, and a little bit of extra cheese (alot of extra cheese) and what do you get. A delicious pizza made by me at Five Buck.. thanks to Tim. Maybe he could get Erica and I a job. (since I'm still jobless)!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Utah States Homecoming: What more could be said? The morning started fairly early as we walked down to main street to the homecoming parade. Sheila, Mary, Erica, and I. I felt like we were five years old again.. we scream and cheered.. we got candy, ice-cream, popicles, and a bunch of fun memories

Later that night, Football Baby.. however, of course it desides to rain.. always raining-- so we sat in the bitter cold and watch USU football team pretty much make fools of themselves. So, the wimps we are, bailed at half time because.... we were bored, wet, cold, and there was nothing else really to watch....

So.. we decided to get pizza. (of course at five buck) We got down there and Mary decided to try on the pizza DUDE outfit. Oh man is all that I can say.. Hilliarious. She went out on the streets to promote five buck pizza-- Entertainment right there.. it was a great time to laugh and have fun.

So there you have it. A week of activities and memories.. like i said.. it HOMECOMING week at USU--

Friday, September 21, 2007


Harris Family-- Dad, Mom, Lanae and Ryan +Nathan, Ruthie, Tyler, Me, Lara, and Jenna-- That is my family. that are so much fun to be around and unique in there own way. I couldn't do anything without them. They are my heroes! I miss not living close to my family, I know that it is good that I am away from them, I have definately learned alot. But it hard not being around them.

Ryan and Lanae live in Murray with their two kids Nathan(3) and Ruthie(6months). I don't see them much anymore 1)Because I moved to Logan 2) being we got into a big agruement on the 4th of July and haven't had much to do with them since. I love them and miss them, but sometimes you can't change anyones minds

Tyler is 24 and lives in Layton. He owns his own house and lives with roommates. He drives a really nice car Honda Civic Si and works for Farmington city. He has a interesting dating story.... i'll leave that for him to tell sometime..

Lara is 18 and lives in Price, Ut. She is going to school at CEU doing her associates in business.. She has some great roommates and just loving college. She has a boyfriend, Addi. That is another one of those stories i'll let her tell you!!
Jenna.. is 15 although she is gorgous and looks 25! Jenna just started high school and is involved in everything! Acting, Singing, Dancing, babysitting, Shopping, Boying.. you name it... she does it.. A piece of me is a little jealous of her.. don't tell her that though--

And MOM and DAD.. Couldn't do anything without them. that is most definately for sure. I love them and hope they know that.
That is my family.. I love being with them and spending time with my family. They are amazing people and have such different characterists-- but all i have to say it that they are my family... for always and forever!!!


have you ever felt so stress out in life that you just wanted to destroy something. well in my case it wasn't really me distructing anything, but at least somebody was destorying something. the demolition derby in logan, utah. what a blast we had!!! trevor, nick, ben, grady, john, chase, rob, sara, erica, and i went to the derby. not only did we go, but the boys dressed up as white trash fools and treated us like white trash women. the derby was alot of fun to watch and enjoy and plust being with those crazy guys is a party within itself. i'm glad we met these boys, they have been great fun and such an enjoyable time to with them!
after the derby we went party hoping, we went to a snowboard comp, then to a mexico independents day, to the black and white party, to the campus korner party, and back to the boys house only to deside that we were still starving and came back to the bungalou and made spaghetti and 1:30 in the morning. what college does to ya.. let me tell you-- it been too much fun. i hope the good times last--

Monday, September 10, 2007


Peach Days in Brigham City, Utah. (Just to save some time and I won't go into the back ground on way we decided to go to Peach Days.. I'll just start the day.) On Saturday, a trip into Brigham City was on the list. Mary, Erica, Sheila, Sara, and I all decided to got to peach days.. We had a great day.. a little, okay a lot filled with drama and craziness.. thank to a dear friend. We enjoyed the day filled with alot of food, entertainment, laughing and extreme excitement. Not to mention more then one roller coaster. Let me tell you about this insane rollercoaster we went on.. called the "Ring of Fire"!!!! And seriously no joke, the ring of fire was a good explaination for it.... My friends Trevor and Ben met up with us and made the day much more enjoyable and thrilling.. at least a few more laughs! Then the demialition derby! trying to find that was an adventure on it own.... oh what a fun, dramatic, crazy day!!! But, it was also alot of fun to be with friends and make alot of memories