Friday, August 22, 2008

Terry Hiatt

Wow.. I really do have a lot to catch up on. Okay.. So I am putting this post up, with NO promises of where this is going, but just want to say that I am really happy about the situation right now. I am DATING!! :) for many this is a big shock, for other, they probably saw it coming. Now, I date, honest I do. But I don't keep guys around for extended periods of time because of the fear of getting to close and getting mega hurt again.
Terry Hiatt. Lara's Finacee, Joey, Called me one day and asked if I wanted to be set up with one of his mission buddies. I was a little hesatint, because everyone has been trying to set me up with someone or another! But I agreed to let Joey give Terry my number. About a half a sec later I recieved a message from Terry Hiatt. Crazy kid. We ended up texting almost all night long and decided that he would come up to Logan and take me on a date that Friday.

On Friday, I was a nervous reck! Seriously. Terry drove up to Logan after being stuck in traffic for about two hours (sorry terry) and picked me up for our first date that I had to Plan. We went out to dinner at the Blue Bird Cafe... delicious.. then we went Miniture Golfing out in Providence. After Golf, We went up to Aggie Ice Cream and went and sat on Old Main Hill to watch the sunset and chat up a storm. and how needs entertainment when you got Terry and me. We were laughing so hard and having a great time. We kind of took a stroll around town and just got to know eachother. It was a lot of fun. True fun-- it had been a while!..
So, I guess that since we went on one good date there of course where more to follow. Terry has been such a sweetheart. It has been about a month and it feels like its been forever. We have already gone through some really tough times with Terry's health along with mine. We have had to deal with the distance, past relationships, families, bad cell phone service, annoying me, and other fun stuff. But he has been such a sweetheart and so true and honest. I was telling him the other night that he is not the typical guy that I have ever dated before and that is the truth. I am happy, Life is great right now.. I sure as heck don't know where it is headed, but I take this moments of peace and enjoyment and feed off of them, until the next crisis hits.. but I am hoping this one is a little different...!!! ;)

Monday, August 18, 2008

4th of July

Happy 4th of July

This is always such a fun holiday for me and my family. However, this year was a little different. We didn't have ANYONE in the marching band this year.. Jenna didn't tumble... Lanae and Ryan weren't there.. and the town water fight was pretty lame. But that didn't stop us from enjoying the different celebration around town.. We started the eve before the 4th out right.. Lara, Jenna and I decided taht we would sleep out on the tramp... or the lack of sleep. We were pretty crazy. Mcdonalds at 2.. Jenna running around trying to turn on the side lights.. phone calls.. and mosquitios..

We (being Lara, Mom, Tyler, Dad, and Nick) all went to the Kaysville Parade. It was fun to see Jenna in the Beauty and the Beast float with all of her friends.. The weather was very nice this year with an overcast and bit of wind. During the annual water fight an accident happened down the road, so the water was a quite slow and not as entertaining. Okay, I think I got TWO drops on me.. Oh well, made it so i didn't have to shower later!! ha ha.

After the parade we got the chance to enjoy Jenna in the play Beauty and the Beast. She was our cute little rug. During the performance, Jenna does a tumbling pass across the state, this time around, she knew that we were all watching her and unforturnaly, she slipped on her costume on her pass and fell.. Causing her to Sprain her OTHER ankle, Jenna's new nick name is "sprankles" But we still love her and she is almost all recovered.. The play was Great, Jenna did awesome and Mom played the piano great.

After the wonderful performance, the family got pizza and made home made peach ice cream.. yummy yummy... then the traditional firework up at Davis High.. This year Lara and I were determined to get up close and personal witht he fireworks... so shockly, we faced the Kaysville Traffic(which is minimal) and hiked up to the baseball fields at Davis High.. Woot woot.. we had an awesome time.. Kaysville acutally plays music with there fireworks, Who would have thunk it? :) That was my awesome 4th of July. Time with the family, memories re-made, and some forgotten. It was a good milestone for me to over come.. I am just glad I had my family there to help me!!!

Catch Up Time!!!

So.. I just realized that I haven't blogged in quiet a long time.. I have changed my background page and dinked aroung looking at others blog.. but I haven't found the time to write or the desire too... well, that has gone on long enough.. so it is time to play Catch Up now.. It may take awhile.. and there is alot of pictures, so you may just end up seeing picture and/or reading alog.. who knows... :) Enjoy!!!