Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The BLAHS of January....


My text conversation with my mom....

Mom: I know why you are so down. Its the January BLAHS. I get them every year around this time.

Me: Yes. I agree that is exactly what I have. Now we just need a vaction to cure it.

Mom: Yes, some place sunny. And cost no money.

Me: Where would that be?

Mom: the Funny Place.

Me: the Funny Place??

Mom: Its were they send all the crazy people.

Me: How is there Sunny there?

Mom: I am just being silly.

Me: I know... its true though.. it may not be sunny, won't cost any money!!

Mom: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH that is my January theme song

Me:  What is the tune you are BLAH(ing) too?

Mom: Come Come ye Saints--

Ha ha... that is how my our texting conversations go.... really random, funny to me! I love my mom and that she make me smile and laugh everyday. I love talking to her- she is one of my best friends! Thank you mom for helping me get through these January BLAHS!

......Spring? Coming Soon??

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose


Jake will be serving in the TONGA NUKU'ALOFA mission. (try saying that 10x fast)
Jake left for the MTC today January 5,2011
Jake is going to be serving in the mission field with honesty, prepration, dedication, faith, pray, knowledge and everything that he has been taught. 
Jake is going to be an amazing Missionary-

Jake and Jenna have been dating since Dec 2008.
They are the cutest and most amazing couple.
Jenna is having a little bit of a hard time with her best friend being gone, but she is strong and this will be an amazing time for her to grow and develope to the brilliant woman she will become.
I love Jenna and my heart goes out to her for her strength and courage.
They will survive!

We have spend alot of time with Jake.
We love Jake and send him positive and well wishes while he is out serving! He is going to be brillant and such an amazing spiritual witness to the people of Tonga!
Best of Luch Jake. You will constantly be in our thoughts and prayers....

the Bachelor


Loving me some of the NEW Bachelor!! Yummy Brad Womack is the New Bachelor of the season. YAY! Now.... I have to admit that when I first heard that Brad would be returning to the new season of the Bachelor, I was a little stunned! I know that he hurt ME... and Deanna and Jenni, but I do believe in 2nd chances. Give him a break its been 3 years and I strongly think that people can have a change of heart and I am cheering for him to find his true love this season. and...  I will admit isn't he some fine eye candy! I am excited for the new season of tears, drama, stress, dates, and everything this addictive show has to offer!! :) I love the Bachelor/Bachelorette!! but please pick someone this time Brad... PLEASE?!?! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011



Happy New Year 2011 Everyone!!

Here is to the new year... new time of life.... and new season of change.  I always love the new year.
We all have the oportunity to change things about ourself, or the course of our life. 
I am so glad that 2010 is out the door. The past few months of 2010 have definately got the better of me.
It was a challenging year even within itself. Lots of changes!  Here is the past year 2010 in review...
January: Allie and Nick Tolmans Wedding 1.2.10
Jenna's Musical Review Show People 1.16.10
Ice Skating with the Young Woman 1.20.10
February: Golfing with Terry in the Snow 2.4.10
Valentines Day Hotel and Sledding 2.12.10
Wii Night at Mama Ruth 2.21.10
Jazz Game with Bo and Brooke 2.27.10
End of the Olympics 2.28.10
March: Lanae's Birthday 3.1.20
(Can't remember alot of March)
April: Conference Weekend 4.4.10
1st Anniversary spent in VEGAS 4.10.10
Kasi's Crepe Birthday Party 4.18.10
Jenna and Jake PROM night 4.24.10
YW retreat in Indianola 4.30.10
 May: Lara and Joey Graduate frome CEU 5.1.10
Jenna Birthday Party at Chili's 5.5.10
Ryan Graduate 5.29.10
Back to Vegas with the Rentschlers 5.29.10
June: Jenna High School Graduation 6.4.10
Youth Conference 6.11.10
Yellowstone with Family 6.30.10
July: David John Minter is Born 7.3.10
4th of July Celebration in Idaho Falls 7.4.10
Lake Powell 7.10.10
August: Girls Camp 8.3.10
Terry Loves Birthday 8.12.10
Pax and Andrea's Wedding 8.14.10
Rigby Family Reunion 8.14.10
Garrett Ryan Lewis is Born 8.19.10
Stephanie and Tyson Wedding 8.28.10
Terry's First Triathlon 8.28.10
September: Zoo with Kasi and the boy 9.1.10
Dan and Michelle Pease Wedding 9.15.10
Florida 9.30.10
October: Universal Studios 10.1.10
Wine and Dine Half Marathon 10.2.10
Back to Universwal Studios 10.4.10
Moved to Draper 10.11.10
Janeal's Birthday 10.24.10
Halloween 10.31.10
November: Lost my Job 11.5.10
Terry's 2nd Triathlon 11.6.10
Got a brand new AMAZING job 11.8.10
Eye Doctor... Bad Eyes 11.18.10
Apparently Lara and Joey are expecting 11.24.10
Thanksgiving in Idaho Falls 11.25.10
December: Price Family Christmas Party 12.4.10
Snowshoeing to the YURT 12.11.10
Eyes Fixed YAY 12.16.10
CHRISTMAS 12.15.10
and last but no least.... get this year over with!!!

I am ready for a good.. happy.. exciting.. new year! with sucess and good things to come! I hope that wishes come true and that Terry and I can move forward together in a new year!!

"Things are looking up.... "