Friday, July 10, 2009

Pax's is Home

Terry's brother Paxman come home from his 2 year mission from Tampa, Florida. It was alot of fun to meet him for the first time and be apart of the coming homing moments. He was an amazing missionary. He had a moment to share his testimony with us and such the power and spirit came into the room! My father in law took us all out to lunch to celebrate. we all had a great day!! I am excited for Pax to be home and getting to know him more and more! Love the Hiatt/ Hatch family! thank you for letting me be apart of this special celebration with them all!

Hair Cut!!!


Happy 4th of July

(Chilling at the Freedom Fest)
(Biance, Domianic, and Ryan)

(Bianca and Dom)

(Fireworks in Idaho Falls)
(my handsome hubby)
(Firework Fun)

(BBQ @ Grandma's House)
( my mama and papa)
(the Parade Gang)

Happy 4th of July. It was a wonderful and fun celebration this year.. on July 2nd, Terry and I went to the freedom festival in Provo with Ryan and Bianca and Dominac. We had a great time walking around, eating food, and playing on the big blow up toys! The following day we went up to Idaho Falls to spend the holidays with my grandparents and family. That night we played night game with the Wadsworth's neighbors and cousins! The next day, we got up early and went to the parade, after the parade had a BBQ at my grandparents house with WAY to much food as always! we had a good time chatting, playing a few games, and eating food.. after a nap and xbox, we headed down to the idaho falls river to watch the fireworks.. I had a brillant idea to walk all the way into the "crowd" and watch the fireworks close up! we had a long walk and an enjoyable time! we even beat most of the traffic out of downtown and walked about 2 miles.. ha ha..
Later that night we went back to the Wadsworths to light a few home fireworks ourself. Mark's little neighbor friend brought a box of fireworks over with firecrackers and bottle rockets. Terry and Paul were throwing fireworks around the yard, and all the sudden you hear Terry yell... " I didn't mean too.. I didn't mean too.. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" we had no idea what was going on.... well.. come to find out very very soon, terry had throw a lite firework into the box of fireworks the neighbor had brought over, sending fireworks and noises and craziness all over the yard!!! all in all we had a wonderful time for the 4th.. such a great time of year and fun celebrations!!!

Hi all ya all


Hi all ya all! I just wanted to say that we are alive and well! Sorry that I haven't blogged in a really long time! Life has been busy and crazy and running-- Things are going peachy in the Hiatt Apartment.. Today is our 3 month of being married. I can hardly believe that it has been 3 months-- We have been busy getting back into life and the normal side of things... Terry finshed school on June 11th .. woot woot! He has been busy working on his profoilo and job interviews. He is still keeping busy working with his dad and golfing golfing golfing!! I am down at Supercuts in Spanish Fork. Someday are busier then other days, but I am still enjoying doing hair. We love keeping busy with family, friends, movies, eating out, traveling, working, cleaning, and being us! Married life is definately treating us very good! Love ya Terry, happy 3 months---