Monday, June 4, 2012

Long Time NO Post......

June 4, 2012

Wow... Its been a while. Hi everyone!
I haven't posted for a while and figured I should probably change that.


We are having a BABY BOY!
We have picked the name Bentley Terry Hiatt.
I am 34 weeks tomorrow and so excited that the time is getting closer.
We went to the docs last wednesday and I am in pre-term labor, so I am just taking meds and relaxing.
We need to make sure he stays inside for another 3 to 5 weeks.
My ankles and fingers are swollen!
YAY for being uncomfortable and Pregnant!!!


Terry and I made the huge commitment and BOUGHT a HOUSE!!!! Ahhh
We closed on the House on March 15th 2012!
Our house is in Syracuse , Utah!
We moved in on March 17th 2012.
We painted the front room wall Purple.
We painted the babies room gray and darker gray strips.
We LOVE having our own house.

I graduated from SCHOOL.... and took my test to be a full blown INSTRUCTOR! YAY
Terry has almost been working at his job for a YEAR!
We are happy!
We are so Excited to meet our baby.
We are lazy and boring and fun and crazy!

There are just a few updates of our life. I am sure once baby is here i will either update and blog more to show off pictures and baby, or I will be blogging even less then before because I will be hanging out with my baby boy!!!! :) hopefully I will get some pictures posted of my new house. Thanks for visiting! :)