Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trap Stamps

Tattoo Night-- Us girls decided to go out to dinner the other night and while we were trying to find a parking spot we say a lady come out with a HUGE tattoo across her shoulders-- we then decided that it would be fun to get tattoos... Okay-- totally fake but here is what happens when you get four girls with a little bit of free time on hand and a stack of temp tattoos--

Thursday, March 13, 2008



The Salon is FINALLY open!!! After about 5 months of waiting the salon open on January 10th 2008... I have enjoyed working and getting a pay check again--

Weddings All Around

I think that this winter did good on many couples this year-- I think that everyone one is getting hitched-- Which is pretty much Freaking Awesome!!! This past weekend my Best Friend Nashai got engaged to the love of her life Chris Oakeson! I was a little taken a back when I found out that she got engaged on Saturday, because earlier that day my other old roommate/ her sister ALSO got engaged! I am so happy for the both of them-- They are very lucky girls!!! :)

Weddings/Engagement so Far this Year:
1. Erica and Cody (March 8th, 2008)
2. Kimra and Jake (April 11th, 2008)
3. Katie and Morgan (April 11th, 2008)
4. Liz and Drew (April 12th, 2008)
5. Nashai and Chris (June 20th, 2008)
6. Megan and Skyler (August 1st, 2008)
7. Tyler and Alley (June 4th, 2008)
8. Devin and His Chick (may 2008)
9. Beth and Nick (July 12th, 2008)
10. Kim and Chance (March 28th, 2008)
11. Heidi and Shane (september 12th, 2008)
12. Shelia and Tim (July 12th, 2008)
13. Sara and Brent (August 2008)
Engagements still to happen this year:
1. Lara and Joey
2. Tyler and Melissa

Erica and NOT my Cody's Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Cody Nielson

Cody and Erica got Married on March 8th, 2008 in the Salt Lake Temple.
After the Temple the wedding party drove down Highland, Utah to have the luncheon. It was really good food.

The Reception was held in the great ole town of Oak City-- about two hours south of Provo. So a road trip for Ben Lyman and Me. (Which was a blast--) When we got to Oak City, Utah we played at the Park and got ready for the reception. It was a great and fun time- It was nice to celebrate the Wedding Day with Family and Friends-- Congrats to Erica and Cody-- May they have a lot of happy days to come their way.