Monday, June 30, 2008

Road Trip High Lights..

Okay.. So there are a few things to remember about road trips.. 1) Never leave the house without a amazing stock of great music 2) Becareful when putting three people in the back seat of the care 3) Remember your Patience and 4) Don't forget the camera!!

There was quiet alot of driving to be done the next few days... even the thought about it drive (ha ha) ya a little crazy. We set off of the great adventure to LA.. just the ladies. We decided to break the trip up with a few "pit stops"--

Pit Stop #1: LAS VEGAS, NEV.

We had a great time in Vegas.. Started out by the pool, a little sun. After we had a little 'whip cream' incident.. thanks mom and then off to the Vegas Strip. We didn't have alot planned but we knew we would have fun.. We got to the strip and decided to do quiet alot of walking.. From MGM Grand we walked down to the Belligo. We watched the Water show a time or two. Took some great and fun pictures and pretty much walked back.. The strip is an interesting place to be.. and heck, if you aren't there for the strip fun, the belligo is about as clean as it gets.. ha ha..

Woot Woot, we made it. A littleless hair and nail biting moments, only yelled at eachother a few times, but other then that no problems at all.. We were staying at a hotel right off the Hollywood Blvd. It was pretty much awesome.. We did dinner at a cute little Italain Resturanut. Then off to Wicked.. ( I probably should have posted all this in order.. but the post below was about the amazing wicked show)
The follow morning we woke and when down to Hollywood Blvd. played around a little and then headed back to the car.. which brings us to.
Pit Stop #3: Barstow, CA
SHOPPING!!! We wanted to hit a few outlet malls on the way home.. and randomly, Barstow was the town we hit!! We had fun spending way to much money and of course the heat! After shopping we Enjoyed a fun little meal from In and Out Burger--

Pit Stop #4: St. George, UT
We drove all night, take the most RANDOM pictures and enjoying the laughter and fun times in the car. Well, as much fun as you can have in the car with cameras.. Believe me if you wanna see pictures.. i have over 300 from just the back seat of the car!!! ha ha..
We finally made a short stop in St. George for the evening only to wake for our...

Final Pit Stop #5: HOME
We finally made it home from our short trip but lot of driving road trip.. We had a great time.. a little bit of everything!!! But I wouldn't change a thing- Thanks for the memories.. Hope you all enjoyed our short.. but long Road Trip.. thanks for taking the journey again with me!!!

Wicked Trip

Friday the 13th.
Mom surprised us girls with a road trip out to LA to see the magical broadway show of WICKED!!! It was AMAZING!!! It took us two days to drive out there with some fun stops along the way.. (which I'll Blog About Soon)!!! However, the show was brillant. Such animation, acting, scenery, costumes, singing, music, etc.. if you haven't ever heard the story about this musical, you should definatley look into it. It is about the Wick Witch of the West from the Famous 'Wizard of Oz'
I apperciate the sacrifice that mom made for the opportunity to enjoy such a brillant products with my sisters and mother. We had such a great time and think that it helped us to realize that you shouldn't always judge someone by their outword appearance.. The 'wicked witch of the west' was just trying to find her place in this world along with the rest of us!
Thank you again mom and dad for giving us the chance of a lifetime. It will be a moment that will always be remembered!!!