Tuesday, November 4, 2008


10.31.08: Happy Halloween! And what and Eventful and Fun day! It started out that Mom and Jenna drove up to Logan and we went Wedding Dress shopping.. and I got a Dress and I am MADLY in love with it (I would totally post pictures.. but Terry isn't allowed to see the dress and he would definately get on here and look) So.. It was a fun and nervous adventure! After dress shopping.. I joined the crew and drove back down to Kaysville for the rest of the day.

I was in charge of Halloween dinner.. We ate Goulosh, Carrot Finger, Eyeballs, Poison Apples, Bread Bowls, Witches Brew, Worms and Dirty, and Spider Cookies. It was an eventful day. Around 9:30 or so, Terry and Joey decided that they wanted to go kidnap Jenna's good friend Lance... And so i got the lovely task of driving the get away car while the boys dressed up. It was eventful but not successful! We carved pumpkins (kind of) and then watched a movie.. (sort of) It was definatly and adventure of an evening and a fun halloween with family and friends!!!!

A driving around day!

10.25.08: Today Terry and I decided that we were going to spend the entire day together. From get up to sleepy time! And we succeeded and it was absolutely wonderful! We did alot today. We started by driving up to Park City. Hitting the outlet malls and spending to much money (that is what we like to do)! It was fun to see the different clothes that we both picked out and what the other person liked and didn't like. Terry has a favorite Pizza place up in Park City. Let me tell you the pizza was amazing.. and freaking HUGE! ha ha.. we both got two slices and I realized that I could only eat one slice of the HUGE pizza, so Terry gladly ate my other slice along with his two.
We then drove the scenic route down to Orem. We had plans to go visit Keith and Nancy in Springville. So we made out way down there. It was fun to show them the ring and enjoy their company. After our mini trip to Springville, we went to Terry's house and looked at old baby pictures. Such a handsome stud... we then went to Terry's sister Kasi's house and chatted and then made our long journey back to the beginning in Kaysville.. It was a really fun day... it was nice to be with Terry ALL DAY LONG! and we didn't even get sick of each other.. that was an eventful day!

Happy Birthday to Me!

10.24.08: Today was my 23rd Birthday.. I am sure getting up there with that number. I had a wonderful day. I was lucky enough to have sweet girls at work let me off for the day. So what makes a better birthday then not having to work.. I went down to Murray the night before and spend the evening with Terry. On Friday morning we woke up and went to The Point Restaurant to check out the our Reception center.. Terry and I got to eat lunch with my mom and Dad. It was a good time. After Lunch we went to see Terry's mom at her work and had the opportunity to chit chat with her for a while and see her awesome work place. Terry and I then went to the Gateway and did a little walking around and shopping.

We then drove back up to Kaysville for the dinner party we were going to have. We visited with a few of the neighbors, showed of the new flashy ring on my finger and then headed up to Teppanyaki for dinner.. We had such a great time.. Lanae and Ryan, Mom and Dad, Terry and I, and Jenna and Tyler. It was DELICIOUS food and fun entertainment. We ate so much sushi, chicken, rice, and shrimp. It was such a fun and new experience. My family doesn't get out and do that much. Good Times! After dinner we went back home and ate birthday cake and ice cream and opened presents. Lanae and Family got me these awesome Famous Soundtrack CDs, The family got me new tires for my car, and Terry got me a Vol com Jacket, A sweatsuit, two new shirts, and lotion and perfumes. I had such a wonderful Time.. thank you Family for making my birthday a wonderful day.. and thank you Terry for being such a sweetheart!!1