Tuesday, June 14, 2011



MEET OUR NEW ZOEI GIRL! We decided that since a baby wasnt in our near radar, we were going to get a puppy.  We want you to meet our new english bulldog Zoei- we got zoei on June 2. She was 6 weeks old when we got her. We have loved having her in our home. She is a crazy puppy and with a puppy lots come with that.  Biting, Teething, Up all night, Potty Training, etc. She has been a blast! Here she is...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cruise 2011


(Picture OverLoad) as you can tell from the pictures we had a BLAST!! Can't wait for the next trip!

 Brushing out Teeth in a nasty gas station bathroom
 Six Flags Magic Mountain

 Ready to Set Sail (Long Beach, CA)

 Our Frist Dinner Night
 Formal Dinner Night

 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

 Canopy Tour in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 Famous Folded Towels
 Sunset on the Boat ( i love my hubby)

 So funny story. In Puerto Vallarta, on the first zip line I got hit in the lip by a bee-- and my lip swelled up for the rest of the trip like this! ha ha.. wow! what and experience!

We had a wonderful, relaxing, laughable, peaceful, stressless trip! Cody and Nicole were a blast to travel with. Between the all night driving,  Eating ice cream constantly, and ping pong challenge (which Nicole and I totally kicked the boy butts 8 games to 16) :) We will forever have the memories of our trip to Mexico! I can't hardly wait to plan the next one! Now the world has stopped swaying its been hard to get back to normal life, but normal life here we come!!!