Monday, March 23, 2009


So I have been recently told by a few people that I haven't updated my blog in a long time! My bad.. life has been so crazy and hetic I haven't even found a chance to play catch up! As ya all know I am getting married in oh.. like 18 more days! I can hardly believe where the time has flown by! I ready just the other day that Terry and I were driving and he looked over at me and said, Janeal.. i only have to sleep 118 more days alone! I remember thinking that those days would NEVER get here.. and look my friend.. 100 days have passed and I only have to count 18 more!!!! I have been so blessed over the passed 100 days. Life has kinda taken a rought patch--- which has been so hard and challening!!

On January 26th, Terry was in a terrible snowboarding accident! He was sliding down a hand rail at a park (first mistake) and hit the pole at the end of the rail with his left leg, twisting his body and smacking it to the ground. The video would describe more. Terry was knock out for about 4 minutes. Along with riping his ACL in his left knee-- I don't think you really realize you true love for someone until a moment notice when you find out that things aren't going to be the same for a while. When they lay on the couch and can't even remember who you are. My world was kinda put on freeze mode for a few weeks. Terry is doing MUCH better now. He had surgery on his kneww Feb. 10th and now going to therapy 3 times a week to get his mobility back in his knee! I am so grateful for the blessing that the lord blessed us with over the coarse of those few weeks! I know that the Lord had a HUGE hand in making things "better" then they could have been! Terry is my life now, and i had a small glisp of him not being there anymore! That is a tough.. the toughest situation you could ever be in! I love him so much and I am excited that in 18 days, I will be sealed to him for time and all eternity and I will never have to imagine my life without him!

So my friends.. there you have a mini update! I promise to blog and put pictures up soon soon.. right now.. i am tired and freezing and ready for bed!!! :)