Friday, May 30, 2008

Bachelor Casting Call~

Wouldn't it just be so entertaining!!! Don't worry.. that question/audition papers have been filled out. The thought has past through my mind more then once... twice... and more then I think I can count. I think that it would be so much fun to show up at a casting call and get picked to be on a girl on the bachelor.... Point being though.. I should probably use my head a little more and not give into the "worldly" things. and so as much fun, drama, excitiment everything would be... I am most likely not going to participate in this weekends Bachelor Casting Call... DANG IT!!! Way do I always have to think so much!!!!

So, technically I guess I just saved alot of girls the hard ache of dealing with me stealing there man!!!! ha ha

I do have to write some of my responses to the question for the casting call though. Because I found it so entertaining and my answers so cleaver. And I need to share with someone!!!

1) Why haven't you found your dream guy yet? A) Truth be told, I don't know, and that is way I am still here looking.

2) Why do you want to find your spouse on our TV Show? A) I have met guys at the bank, the grocery store, the salon, and walking down the street. I am ready to meet someone in a new way.

3) Why are you ready to be married now? A) I am a loving and compassionate person. I am tired of being alone and sick of not being able to drive in the carpool lane. I am ready to give everything I am to someone who is willing to giv it back.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In memory of Devin Milne~

Now... I don't want everyone freaking out and thinking that Devin Milne has passed away or dead on the road somewhere. Devin got married today-- I am so happy for him. Truely, it just feels like a bitter sweet time.

I met Devin February 11th, 2006. My sister Lanae and brother-in-law set us up. Devin was in there home ward and just got back from his mission. I was kind of inbetween at this point, because I was still dating Cody off and on at this point. But I was open to meet new people. And Devin was my lucky date. We went to Desert Star Theater in Murray and then back to Lanae's house for fun and games. I had a great time with him. I remember the next day he brought me over a Valentine with skittles in it.
Other the coarse of many many months... alot of time hanging out and playing. Traveling and talking Devin and I got pretty close. We had some great and wonderful times. Also some stressful and annoying times. Deving was such a sweet guy. He deserved the world and I was in no place in my life to be able to help him achieve his dreams and goals.
A year has passed now. Devin and I ended up kissing and talking one evening. He proceeded to explain to me his feeling for me. I so badly wanted to reciporcate his feelings back to him. But was in such a place that I couldn't do it. I think that I ended up breaking his heart instead. We drifted and stopped talking.
I heard of Devin's engagment and got taken aback a little. My feelings for him started to hit me and I realized that I cared for him more then I let myself now at that time.. But such as everything else in my life.. I was to late, too late in life to let someone know how I feel. Moments didn't aline in my direction.
So, now here I sit of Devin's Wedding day at work and can't get the past out of my mind. I wish that my life was a little bit of a movie and I could walk up to him and cause a whole scene of drama and poor my little hard out to him in the rain and tell him that he is making a mistake and i was wrong for letting him go! But lucky for Devin, my life may be dramatic like a soap opera, but I wouldn't ever do that to him. I just get to live in his memory and the good times, cry a little, and decide to go out there and find a guy just like him, but ment for me!
To Devin Milne and Lauren.. I truely hope that they have a beautiful and wonderful life together. With much happiness and love and joy.. Lauren is a very lucky girl-- I hope that she knows that-- However, the past is the past! And I am moving on! Thanks for the great times Devin. The memories and for teaching and showing me that there are amazing guys out there--- Congrats!


My cousin (in a round about way) Jake Rigby, just got home from his mission from Mexico. We have become fast and good buddies in just few days. On Tuesday, Jake got his friend Matt to take out his boat for the day. We stayed close to home and went to Hyrum Lake. We had such a great time. It would have been a little better if the sun was shining and the WATER was warmer, but all in all we had a great time out on the lake. I actually got up on the wake board this time! It was such a blast. The water was cold, but I was so happy actually getting up and staying up being the key there.. Don't worry I am suffering today through my pain and aching muscles-- but what a great way to start the SUMMER!!!


At the end of april, I got the wonderful opportunity to move! Yeah.. now moving is a fun thing when maybe you are moving to Texas.. or maybe moving for a good change... maybe marriage or something.. but when you are moving 6 blocks north and 5 blocks west in the same town and nothing exciting occured for the move, its just not as exciting or fun!!!

Mary, Sara, and I moved to the West side of town and here is our cute new place that we are still currently making ours-- but what do ya do.. :)

So I know that these are just technically pictures of Mary and I new room.. but isn't it so cute.. maybe i'll have to take more pictures of the rest of the house..


So, if you can imagine.. life is pretty crazy- shocker aye-- So, today is a gloomy day and work is slow so it is the time to play catch up. Plus my sister Lanae said that I have "blogged" in about a month and I need to up date.. so..... hope you are all ready for the plethora of blogs headed your way....