Monday, August 6, 2012

A Baby Story


I begin my baby story with a sober heart. I have been meaning to write this story down somewhere before the feeling wore off and the moments forgotten. I was going to write in my journal or a notebook but then I remembered my blog. So I apologize for the long post of my feeling and the moments I went through to become a mom. If your a picture person go ahead an brows the pics and know that I am in love with my Little Man.

For many that didnt' know, I was a few day OVER DUE. It had been a frustrating week before little man got here. My sweetest cousin Stephanie had flown into town to meet the little guy and to keep me company. We knew there was a little chance that she wouldn't get to met him. We Tried EVERYTHING the week that she was here.  WALKING, WALKING, and WALKING. Pineapple, Bouncing on a ball, Spicy Food, Everything, and more WALKING.  Nothing seemed to happen besides more braxtons hicks. On July 24th Stephanie's Flight took off that afternoon.  As I had to say goodbye to her I was very emotional and sad that she didn't get to met little man.

That afternoon I was depressed with her leaving and me still being almost a week overdue. I was supposed to clean up the house, but instead I laid on the couch and was miserable. That evening was the pioneer fireworks in Salt Lake. Terry and I drove down to his mothers house to eat yummy food and watch fireworks.  Great Food, LAME FIREWORKS. Apparently that got me a little worked up.
We left Terry's moms around 11:15 ish and made it home around midnight. When we got home I wasn't feeling very good. My stomach was all in a knot and had just given up that the baby was never going to come. We had a Doc appointment in the morning and I had just finished telling terry that i think we should finish packing the hospital bag just in case the doc sent us to the hospital the next morning, that sure enough, I felt a DEEP low contraction.... Okay, I had never felt anything like that before.  Terry dosed off to sleep and left me awake wondering, is this really it? Is there going to be a baby? I don't wanna go to the hospital for false labor? Should we go? As I continued to sit there awake and nervous, I started to time the contractions. Nothing too consistent, but there were sure there and getting stronger.

About 3 o'clock, I woke Terry up and questioned him on what should we do? He wasn't much help as he sat up, looked around the room, at me, and then feel back to sleep.  Another 1/2 an hour went by and I knew that we needed to go to the hospital. False Labor or not... I was ready to have this baby!

We arrived at the hospital about 4 o'clock in the morning. Me not having slept and ounce since Monday night. I was exhausted already and not to mention so nervous. We got checked in and they started to monitor me. I was at a 3+ and 80% effaced when we arrived. They wanted to monitor me for an hour to make sure it was labor, but my doctor said NOPE.. she is having this baby today. They took me up to Labor and Delivery and about 5:30 ish I was Dilated to a 4 and 100% effaced. The doc came in and broke my water and I got my FABULOUS epidural! That drug is AMAZING.

 It was about 6:30 AM by the time everything was all squared and ready to roll, just the waiting game of dilating and having little man ready to come out. Terry just chilled and watched and waited as I dosed off and on. Some because of the pain, they also gave me pitocin and I think it definitely help to make me crash out. I remember there being a whole stack of papers we had to sign and go over and I remember falling asleep with them in my hands and Terry would come over and take them from me.  The nurse came in at about 8 and told me I was already dilated to an 8!!!! yay... just a little bit more time. We started to call our families and let them know what was going on.

About 10 o'clock, my nurse came in and said okay. You are at a 10, lets start pushing. Your doctor is on his way. HOLY crap. this was it..... I was about to go through labor and about to become a MOM! Wow...... it all was happening so fast. I pushed a few times before the doctor came in and suited up and got everything all ready for delivery! about 5 SETs of 3 10 sec pushes, and at 10:42 this AMAZING miracle was at the end of the bed in the doctors arms (first thing he did was peed on the Doctor). My little MAN miracle. Terry was able to cut the umbilical cord and they brought my little Bentley  up to my chest, cleaned him off for a sec and let him lay on my chest.  This precious little boy was staring STRAIGHT at me. Eye to Eye contact. he was so sweet, and soft. He was perfect in my arms. I am a blessed woman to have such a perfect little son in my arms and a TRULY amazing husband right by my side!

July 25th, 2012
6lbs 12 oz
20 inches long
My perfect little man.  They took Bentley over to the cleaning station to measure and weigh him. Clean him off a little more and then was able to give him back to us.  In the meantime, the doc spent some time cleaning me up and stitching me up.  The Docs exact words... "i don't know what he did to you, i would have giving you an epidural just to stitch you up." yay. just what you wanna here. After about and hour of being cleaned up and baby cleaned up, we were ready to go to the recovery room and reside there for the next 2 days. 
As we were leaving the delivery room, Terry's mom was able to come in and meet Bentley for the first time. it was a very special moment for her. As we got wheel chaired down to the recovery room, my little sister and mom where there as well and able to meet little man. I am so lucky and blessed to have such amazing support and love. 
 Over the next few days, we had alot of support, love, and visits from family and friends. It was so nice to be able to show off Bentley. By the end of that first Day, I was EXHAUSTED and couldn't wait to sleep. We sent Bentley off to the nursery for the night and was ready to SLEEP and sleep I sure did. It was nice to catch up on sleep.

The next day we just kinda chilled in the hospital and loved on the little man. He is truly so precious and perfect. I am very blessed.

I just have to say THANK you so much to my mom and Ruth for being there for me and for Terry. And mostly I just have to tell TERRY thank you so much. I didn't realise what i would be putting him through as to taking care of Bentley and taking car of me. I was pretty damaged and Terry never ONCE complained or said no or was put out by having to help me to the bathroom, or calling the nurses, or changing very poopy diapers. He is such an amazing Father and Husband to me and Bentley.  I know that he is exhausted too, but he never complained or stressed out. That is an amazing man in my books!
My mom, Bentley, and HIS MOM(ME)

Time to Head HOME (such a proud PAPA)

 It has truly been the craziest time of my life, along with the happiest and most peaceful time of my life.  I feel like with this handsome Little man in my life that I have more of a purpose. A reason to be better and live a better life. I feel like I am such and example to him that he is going to be watching my every move.  He is such a big spirit. He has already touched so many people hearts when they hold him. I know that he is now my world and even though he has been here a short 2 weeks, he has already changed my life and Terry's life.

Recovery has been really rough on me. I didn't take the easy road to recovery. But every time I look at my sweet little Bentley, the recovery is only a small moment I have to endure. I know that I will feel like myself again soon! but for now, we snuggle, sleep, stare, and eat and I would trade this time I have with him for nothing!!!

Thank you for stopping by our Blog. I may not be the best writer, but I am glad to have it written down. A few tears were shed at the memory of such a tender moments and blessing I have received over the past 2 weeks in my life.

(on a side note: Baby Bentley came one day later for my Stephanie to see him. This makes me very sad, but i know that he know Stephanie in spirit. I am grateful for her patience, walking skills and understanding that I had no control over the timing of things.  I am grateful she is my best friend and we were able to laugh, giggle, talk, eat out, shop and lets not forget.... WALKING!!! love ya STEPH!!!!)

the baby is coming

39 weeks Pregnant with Baby B.

 Thank you So much to my Sweet Friend Stefanie for taking time out of her Saturday and take maternity pictures for Terry and I. We love them and so grateful we were able to capture a priceless memory of Baby B inside my tummy and the love that Terry shows to me through the pictures.

My Favorite on of Terry and I.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Long Time NO Post......

June 4, 2012

Wow... Its been a while. Hi everyone!
I haven't posted for a while and figured I should probably change that.


We are having a BABY BOY!
We have picked the name Bentley Terry Hiatt.
I am 34 weeks tomorrow and so excited that the time is getting closer.
We went to the docs last wednesday and I am in pre-term labor, so I am just taking meds and relaxing.
We need to make sure he stays inside for another 3 to 5 weeks.
My ankles and fingers are swollen!
YAY for being uncomfortable and Pregnant!!!


Terry and I made the huge commitment and BOUGHT a HOUSE!!!! Ahhh
We closed on the House on March 15th 2012!
Our house is in Syracuse , Utah!
We moved in on March 17th 2012.
We painted the front room wall Purple.
We painted the babies room gray and darker gray strips.
We LOVE having our own house.

I graduated from SCHOOL.... and took my test to be a full blown INSTRUCTOR! YAY
Terry has almost been working at his job for a YEAR!
We are happy!
We are so Excited to meet our baby.
We are lazy and boring and fun and crazy!

There are just a few updates of our life. I am sure once baby is here i will either update and blog more to show off pictures and baby, or I will be blogging even less then before because I will be hanging out with my baby boy!!!! :) hopefully I will get some pictures posted of my new house. Thanks for visiting! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012


 BABY HIATT: JULY 20th 2012

BABY @ 10.5 WEEKS (right before christmas) This is our little GUMMY BEAR!





Zoei is a BIG dog now..... ha ha.. and I love her so  much. I never knew you could love a DOG SO much!!!! She is my best friend and the best secret keeper!

SO I am a terrible blogger!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Janeal being a terrible blogger. I have been Blogging.. I have many post to publish.. I just never finished them enough to post them!! It was a Crazy 2011 year and I am so glad that I get to move on and have a new 2012 year! I  believe it is going to be one of the best of my life. LOTS of changes are headed our way and I couldn't be more excited, nervous, thrilled, scared, loved, and impatience!
  Terry finally has a wonderful job and he is growing and loving it (I think). I went back to school to accomplish a dream of becoming a cosmetology instructor. I will graduate in Feb. I am so greatful to a wonderful husband who let me take this dream and beable to make it come true.  I am truly blessed.
   I know there is a thousand things I could say and catch up on. But this is life and I don't want to spend it on the past. I am ready to spend it on the future and letting you know our new life plan... who needs a past plan! I hope I am a better blogger this year!! ha ha