Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SUNny Day

The ski was beautiful, the Sun was Beaming, and the air was fresh. On Sunday the 13th of April, I don't that there could have been a more perfect day. I went to church which was nice that I didn't have to where a jacket.. finally.. after church Mary and I came home a reailsed that inside our house was alot colder then outside. So we sat outside for about two hours just soaking up the sun. I went to a bbq at Eric's place.. delicious chicken and potatoes. Chatted and enjoyed friends and the fun. Later that night, Jana and Kyle were making breakfast. Mary and i went over there and enjoyed cooked, setting of the fire alarm... more then once... and hanging out while talking and eating omlets and french toast. I was a good SUNny Day-- the sun was beautiful and nice to feel a little light and different view of life!!! :)

My Weekend

This Past weekend I got to enjoy a few things: Family, Driving, and best of all WEDDINGS-- I was lucky enough to get the chace to celebrate three weddings this weekend. Katite Rhodes to Morgan Cox, Kirma Buchanan to Jake Schmidt, and Liz Rigby to Dru Taylor. I celebrated from Salt Lake City to Logan. I was lucky enough to get to spend Saturday with my family here in Logan and I got to do Liz's hair-- I drove from Nibley to Logan over five times. I had a great weekend celebrating and playing and enjoying company! :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Defination (for those who don't know what they mean)

I close my eyes and there in the shadows I see your light
You come to me out of my dreams Across the night
You take my hand though you may be so many stars away
I know that our spirits and souls are one
We’ve circled the moon and we’ve touched the sun So here we’ll stay
For always, forever Beyond here and on to eternity
For always, forever For us there’s no time and no space
No barrier love won’t eraseWherever you go Is to know
In my heart you will be With me From this day on I’m certain
I’ll never be aloneI know what my heart must have always known
That love has a power that’s all its own And for always, forever
Then we can fly And for always and always We will go on beyond goodbye
For always, forever Beyond here and on to eternity
For always, and ever You’ll be a part of me And for always, forever
A thousand tomorrows may cross the sky
And for always and always We will go on beyond goodbye
1.without ever ending; eternally: to last forever.
2.continually; incessantly; always: He's forever complaining. –noun endless or seemingly endless period of time: It took them forever to make up their minds. 4.forever and a day, eternally; always: They pledged to love each other forever and a day.
*Make sure you know the meaning of these terms before you tell someone foralways and forever! Because it will save you alot of heart ache in the end!!!

Raindrops of life!

RaIn, rAiN go away, come again other day....

Raindrops of life are the tear in my eyes! I feel like raindrops are always falling from my eyes-- I feel like the moment I get my lifeback in order or a track that I want to go on.. everything fall back down. and it rains harder. I wish I knew what was in store for me-- This week was a hard week in the fact that everyone seemed to get engaged.. or the jobs they have been looking for, or the test was passed with flying colors. It feels that everyone knows what direction or path they are going. But as for me, I feel more stuck then every. and the only thing that stays constant are my Raindrops of Life--

Rain Rain go away.. and please stay away this time!