Tuesday, December 16, 2008


12.25.08: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!! Terry and I send our warmest and deepest holiday wish to everyone! Hope that your days are bright and happy and safe and warm! May all your dreams come true, like our are coming true every day!!! ( I am sending in my computer to get repaired and I am not sure when i'll be getting it back! So until the new year..) MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Winter Time is Here to Stay~

12.14.08: I am not the biggest fan of the winter weather! Its cold, wet, snowy, and did I mention COLD?!? On Sunday, Jenna, Jake, Terry, and I dress from head to toe in Winter Weather clothing and headed outside to play in the freshly fallen snow! It was so much fun.. Terry strapped his snowboard to me and pushed me around the yard. We had a mini snow ball fight and just ran around and tackled eachother! It was a good, cold time! It fun to see the Christmas buzz our the city and in my home! Christmas is only a few days aways.. which mean...for me.. that my wedding day is getting even closer!!! ha ha ha

Shopping??.. For Christmas Trees??

12.10.08: I like to shop. Honest I do. I just didn't know that christmas tree shopping could be counted on my list. I went down to Lanae and Ryan house for a visit and to meet Terry and they were in the shopping mood. So was bundled up the kids and headed to a tree lot. Nathan and Ruthie were so cute walking around, touching all the trees and deciding what tree they wanted exactly. Terry met us at the tree lot and we strapped the tree on top of his car. We went back to Lanae and Ryan's house and made hot chocolate, danced to music and started to decoarte the tree. Good memories!

Will's 2nd B-day Party

12.07.08: So my Soon-to-be Nephew had a big birthday party last sunday! It was a Hulk Themed Party-- It was alot of fun.. The weather was so nice and the company was alot of fun. We had a BBQ, Cake, Presents, and a whole lot of fun! Thanks Kasi for letting us come and celebrate with you and your hospitality!!! I love the family!

Boys will be Boys!!!

11.28.08: I don't know if it was too much food that they ate.. or crammed in a car for too long or bought back an idaho disease, but this two boys are FUNNY! They were walking around the house pretending to be the "scarlet pimpernal" from jenna past play! We went to the mall as well.. entertaining.. We all tried to cram into a photo booth, and it is fun to just laugh and play!

Oh My.. the Time!!

11.27.08: Honestly Where does the time go? I have been super busy lately with moving home, the new job, wedding plans, christmas shopping, docotor apointment after another, driving, and spending time with my family and Terry Love. Things have been a little crazy-- Work is a whole nother story! :) however, I am here to say that I am alive and happy to be living. My family and I had the chance to go to Idaho Falls, Idaho for Thanksgiving this year. The weather was beautiful and the time was filled with laughter and fun. This year the two newest member of the Rigby/Harris/Wadsworth clan was Terry and Joey. Go figure that the turkey bowl would be busted out. We had a great time playing with the cousing and the neighbors in an intense game of Turkey Bowl. The only person the was injured was my boy. He decided to go catch a football and didn't look around to notice that a tree was directly in the path as well.. Lucky for him he missed the football and his live. ha ha.. It was extremely entertaining to watch. As always for Thanksgiving we ate WAY to much food. Grandma and the aunts sure do know how to over achieve in that line of duty! On Friday afternoon we reserved the church and played basketball.. soccer, jump rope (Lanae is pretty much a pro), we had blow up toys, music and a whole lot of fun! That afternoon we (being the Girls) went and saw Twilight and the boys all went and saw transporter 3. It was a great and wonderful weekend with the family.. Learn, Love and Grow! Happy Thanksgiving (a little late) to everyone!

I am so greatful for so much this years! I have been so blessed in the past few months-- I have a wonder and supportive family who would do anything for me. I have a great job which allows me to do so much -- and I have a wonderful fiancee, who has brightened up my world and my days.. who is the sweetest guy that I have ever met! I love him so much. I am truely grateful for him and his love for me and eternally grateful for Heavenly Father who has answered my prayers!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bowling Night

11.14.08: On Friday night, Lara and Joey come up from Price to play for the weekend. We decided that it would be a fun night of bowling. So, we got mom and dad to go with us. It was fun to see the compeition betweeen each couple and each individual. My favorite was my dear sweet mother and her failed attempt to show us all up caused her many gutter balls and the lowest score. Good Times of Bowling!