Thursday, May 7, 2009



Cabo San Lucas

I was spoiled rotten for our honeymoon! Terry's Parents let us borrow their time share in Cabo. It was beautiful! We had such an amazing time down there.. we walked around.. went swimming.. played on the beach.. watched the sun set.. did a little hiking.. ate ALOT of ice cream.. watched movies.. ate food.. and just had fun time in the sun! It was an amazing week- i am so glad that we were able to get away! LOVE CABO.. but I LOVE my Terry More!!! :)

(beatuiful sunset on our beach)

(Tender Loves)

(Mini Golfing)

(Cute Terry Golfing like the First time)
(Glass bottom boat)

(Night Life from our balcony)
(Loves Arch in Cabo)

(Playa Grande Hotel)

(Beautiful Pacific Ocean)