Monday, October 27, 2008

Terry + Janeal = Love

10.22.08: I'm ENGAGED!!!! This was one of the best moments of my life! I meet Terry about three months ago on a blind date (thank you Joey and Lara)- Things have been just wonderful since the day that we met- We have learned so much about each other. Trying to spend as much time as possible, with the distance of being in Logan and Orem slowly got in the way. Terry has been such an amazing addition to my life that it started to seem quiet impossible to have him not a permanent person. So through the last few weeks the talk of marriage began to creep into conversation more and more frequently.

About a week ago, we set an unofficial official date. And we decided that we would get engaged when the time was a little closer. Unbeknown to me, Terry had other plans and ideas up his sleeve!!! On Wednesday night, 10.22.08, I was sitting at work and was missing him, so I called him and asked if he wanted to drive up to Logan to see me. His response: "No, I don't want to drive up there, I am just going to hang with the boys and I will see you tomorrow!" Okay.. that was fine with me, because it was true I was just going to see him Thursday night. So I went on with the rest of my work night.

Jessica and I closed up shop at nine as I was getting a phone call from Terry, "I am driving to Logan, I miss you and I want to tell you that I love you!" I pretty much freaked out.. I was so mad. Because earlier he told me he didn't want to come up. So i was trying to sway him from coming up to Logan.. I threaded him.. I called him not so good name.. and he was being so stubborn.. I called my mom to tell her that he was driving up and we needed to stop him her response, " Janeal, Sometimes there are just things that you can't control and you just gotta let life happen!" Okay. something was DEFINITELY going on! So I called Lanae to release my little stress that was building up inside me. And her response, "Did you by chance get you nails done this week?" Okay.. That was it.. there was something FOR SURE going on now.. and i was bound to get to the bottom of it.. So, I called Terry one more time and pleaded for him not to come up and that didn't stop him one ounce.

I went into my room to start packing for my long weekend ahead and about an hour later, Terry was there, standing in my door with that Adorable Smile of his!!1 And couldn't refrain from being mad anymore and I through out dozen roses to me. "please don't be upset anymore!" So, he was there and i was going to enjoy the moments together and not let his stubbornness get to me. So I went and sat down, i was still in my sweats, hair in Ponytail and all.. and he was trying to convince me to get dressed and dress warm. I was like "why?" ha ha.. he just wanted to go for a "walk"!!!
So I caved in and dressed up in jeans and a hoodie-- we get out to his car and he is like.. "where do you want to go?" I had no idea, it wasn't my brilliant plan to drive up to Logan at the break of dawn. We ended up going to the Logan Temple and walking around.. there is a bench across for the Temple which is my absolute favorite place.. We was going to propose there, but the bench area was under construction and the bench wasn't even there. ha ha.. So we walked around the Temple.. just laughing, and talking and being us. We get back to his car and he gets some gloves out of the back for me. Then the slight awkward moment occurred.. I was like, so. what are we going to do now.. you could tell that he was thinking and started to pace in front of the Temple.. Silly Boy.. About two minutes of silents went by.. he finally took my hand and was, "Janeal, You know how much I love you and How excited I am to spend time and all eternity with you, so with that said, I have a question, (he dropped to his knees(both)) and asked me, Will you Marry Me?" I throw my hands to my face and immediately just started to kiss him- He kinda had to ask me again, I said Yes.. and he was like.. Get that glove off your hand.. and then he slide the most Beautiful Ring on!!! I was magic, emotional feelings.. It was perfect.. So.. I am going to be Mrs. Hiatt of April 10TH!!! and I couldn't be more excited! I love Terry and I am so excited to be with him for always, and forever!!!!

Lara And Joey's Wedding

9.19.08: It was a beautiful day. A wonderful time with family and friends. And a happy time for Lara and Joey!