Tuesday, June 14, 2011



MEET OUR NEW ZOEI GIRL! We decided that since a baby wasnt in our near radar, we were going to get a puppy.  We want you to meet our new english bulldog Zoei- we got zoei on June 2. She was 6 weeks old when we got her. We have loved having her in our home. She is a crazy puppy and with a puppy lots come with that.  Biting, Teething, Up all night, Potty Training, etc. She has been a blast! Here she is...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cruise 2011


(Picture OverLoad) as you can tell from the pictures we had a BLAST!! Can't wait for the next trip!

 Brushing out Teeth in a nasty gas station bathroom
 Six Flags Magic Mountain

 Ready to Set Sail (Long Beach, CA)

 Our Frist Dinner Night
 Formal Dinner Night

 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

 Canopy Tour in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 Famous Folded Towels
 Sunset on the Boat ( i love my hubby)

 So funny story. In Puerto Vallarta, on the first zip line I got hit in the lip by a bee-- and my lip swelled up for the rest of the trip like this! ha ha.. wow! what and experience!

We had a wonderful, relaxing, laughable, peaceful, stressless trip! Cody and Nicole were a blast to travel with. Between the all night driving,  Eating ice cream constantly, and ping pong challenge (which Nicole and I totally kicked the boy butts 8 games to 16) :) We will forever have the memories of our trip to Mexico! I can't hardly wait to plan the next one! Now the world has stopped swaying its been hard to get back to normal life, but normal life here we come!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A LOVE/HATE Relationship...


Happy Mothers Day + another sad story!

Happy Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful, special, amazing mothers! I have a brilliant mother! She is truly so amazing in so many ways! I am lucky to have a selfless woman in my life who I know would take my pain away in a heartbeat if she could. Who would make my dreams come true if there was a way! I am very blessed to be so loved.  Not only by my mother but also my wonderful and sweet mother-in-law! Two Amazing women in my life who I love so MUCH!!

I Love Mothers day and that fact that we get to celebrate mother all around us.  Now for my (hate) relationship with mothers day. I know that this is going to sound like a repeat post from a little earlier, but Terry and I once again found out that we were surprisingly pregnant in April again! We were so excited and I felt alot different then the first pregnancy.... I was going to be a mom and mothers day was in view for me again.....

However, On Tuesday May 3, I started cramping and spotting yet again. I went to the doctor to see what was going on. I was put through the ringer of an exam and came to determine/saw my baby and that things were okay. I had 2 positive to 1 negative.  My baby and the sac looked great, but I was unknown reason bleeding.. The doctor told me to take it easy and get some blessing and come back in a week.  I had blessings and my little sister and husband started a big fast/prayer for me! But unfortunately, the baby was taken away once again from us! This was an extremely painful, and emotional experience to have to go through YET again!! definitely worse then the first time. Nothing could touch me I was in a VERY dark place. 

On Thursday, I went back to the doctor to confirm the loss and to try to find answers. There aren't many answers, but I do have to take hormones the next time we get pregnant. It is so frustrating to be in this situation again. I mean, I know that is is my own fault, we were expecting to get pregnant again SO fast! This is the hardest thing to go through!

We are so thankful for prayers and blessing and the support of our family and friends. I am doing better, still very emotional and  having my up and downs.  It is going to be a while before this body tries to have a baby again. Both physically and emotionally!  I don't understand. I never will understand way we have to continue to go through hard ache like this! Its so so so hard to want something so bad and not knowing why you can't have it. I am getting older and now the dream is getting further way.....

Like I said.  it is such a repeat post from only three before! but this is my life and it sucks! It truly does! I am lucky to have such a sweet and passionate husband who has been going through the same pain a me!! I have put him through the ringer of emotions, mood, and tears! He is so strong and loving!

I am so excited we still have our cruise to fall on to get away from the pain and misery we have been living in! I know that we will be parents ONE day. When, I have no clue, but it will happen. For now all we can do is live life and work hard and play hard and travel and do the things we wanna do!
Thanks for reading, I am sorry for the drama posting of my life! Thanks again to everyone around us! We couldn't get through this alone!!

Lots of LOVE to everyone especially my husband!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lots of Changes.....

We have been through the ringer these last few months! I am very happy to say that we are thrilled with our new place in life and the directions we have chosen to go!  

About the first of April, Terry received a phone call about a job opportunity up in Centerville.  He met the with company and we decided it was a good place for him to grow and develop in the Graphic industry so he took the job.  5 days later we packed up our stuff from Terry's mom place and moved into a Townhouse in Farmington! I love it! it is perfect and fits us amazingly! It has been fun to get all my stuff out of storage! It feels like Christmas!

Terry is loving the new job and I am working on getting another job closer to home and praying that we are in the right place and doing the right things! I will get some pictures posted of the new place soon! I have some on my phone, but i need to bust out the camera or something! Yay for changes! :)

Thank you to all our Family and Friends for helping us move and pack up! or just for coming over and saying hi and helping us make our new place feel more like a home! Please come and visit... we LOVE visitor!!!

PS..... Less then a MONTH til our CRUISE!! I am getting SO excited!!!!! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Cruise: May 15-23 Mexican Riveria- need I say more??
Cruise Ship
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mazaltan, Mexico

One of my Favorite Places on Earth
.....and maybe where more dream come true....