Friday, January 13, 2012

SO I am a terrible blogger!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Janeal being a terrible blogger. I have been Blogging.. I have many post to publish.. I just never finished them enough to post them!! It was a Crazy 2011 year and I am so glad that I get to move on and have a new 2012 year! I  believe it is going to be one of the best of my life. LOTS of changes are headed our way and I couldn't be more excited, nervous, thrilled, scared, loved, and impatience!
  Terry finally has a wonderful job and he is growing and loving it (I think). I went back to school to accomplish a dream of becoming a cosmetology instructor. I will graduate in Feb. I am so greatful to a wonderful husband who let me take this dream and beable to make it come true.  I am truly blessed.
   I know there is a thousand things I could say and catch up on. But this is life and I don't want to spend it on the past. I am ready to spend it on the future and letting you know our new life plan... who needs a past plan! I hope I am a better blogger this year!! ha ha 

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